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This Is My Letter To the World

That Never Wrote To Me

External Services:
  • mithrandir_staf@livejournal.com

This is my fandom journal.

Fandoms I write for (or most likely will in the future):
-Band of Brothers-Star Wars-Wicked-Lord of the Rings-Dracula-V for Vendetta-Brokeback Mountain-Saving Private Ryan-House M.D.-Master and Commander-Doctor Who-Kingdom of Heaven-PotC1/2/3-Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells-His Dark Materials-Little Miss Sunshine-The Crying Game-No Country For Old Men-Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace-3:10 to Yuma-Gladiator-Sweeney Todd-The Transporter1/2/3-The Da Vinci Code-Elizabeth-Tropic Thunder-Midnight Cowboy-Monty Python-Sleepy Hollow-Quills-Zodiac-Chronicles of Narnia-Atonement-The Boondock Saints-Breakfast on Pluto-Capote/Infamous-Amadeus

Anime journal = bebop_jubei
Watchmen journal = rorschachs_owl
Batman journal = thdarkestknight
Marvel fandom journal = thironmaden
Harry Potter journal = th11thdoctor

I am a proud bookworm, movie-lover, and fanfic writer. I write slash, het, one-shots and series. I love getting feedback but out-right flames will fall on deaf ears, so don't even bother.

I have an account at Fanfiction.Net for those who don't want to friend this journal: http://www.fanfiction.net/~annexwriter

I will also be posting stories over at my writing comm. eclipse_tabloid along with my book and film reviews.


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